My horse Shakeim at age 27
Performing 2nd level dressage test


Optimizing Senior Horse Health at Red Oak Farm

Shakiem, Terry and Red Oak Farm
Terry, the trainer at Red Oak Farm, helped me find Shakeim when he was three. With Terry’s amazing gifts for unlocking a horses potential in a positive and fun way, and her ability to connect with her students, we started him under saddle and have trained him in classical dressage.

Shakeim28_350bShakeim is a living example of the therapeutic value of Terry’s training methods. We have been together 25 years now, the last 15 of which have been at Red Oak. Joanne is great about accommodating for his changing needs since he has been in the golden years. He is still 100% sound, is in amazing condition, and absolutely loves to work.

I came to Red Oak because I was looking for the kind of care that Joanne and Jon provide. This is the first boarding stable where I know my horses are safe and sound and do not feel the need to “go check on them” or worry if they have water, may have gotten hurt, etc. I have total peace of mind about the well being of my horses at Red Oak, because of the care that is provided, and the fact that all of the other boarders also keep an eye on the horses as well. We are a family at Red Oak, and we help each other out.

~ Ruth
January 2012