Horse Rehabilitation

At Red Oak Farm, we customize the feeding program to each horse and feed what is necessary to optimize the health of the horse. Sometimes this means setting up a feeding regiment that helps a horse gain weight in a safe and efficient manner by using supplements, specialized feed and providing access to forage 24 hours a day.

Many of our clients also take advantage of chiropractic services and massage and physical therapy as an adjunct to regular vet and farrier services. As a result, we have horses in their late twenties who are still productive members as lesson horses, show and/or trail horses for their owners.

Please Meet Nahgwa….

At the end of September, Nahgwa came to live with us at Red Oak Farm.

Nahgwa pictures_3before_500Nahgwa’s Story
This fall I asked Terry to help me find another horse to start for my next project, and to be a companion for Shakeim. She arranged for me to meet Nahgwa, who had been rescued from the Shipshewana horse auction. Even in the state he was in, we could see his potential. I made arrangements to bring him to Red Oak for rehabilitation.

When Nahgwa came to Red Oak, he was very thin, malnourished and had parasites. During his quarantine time, and the early stages of his rehabilitation, Joanne went out her way to make sure he had the proper hay, and was responding appropriately to the new feeding routines.

He won all of our hearts over those first few weeks, he was obviously so happy and grateful. He would look at his hay pile, then look at us with a clear expression of, “Really?! This is all for me?!”

Day by day, at Red Oak, he continues to blossom. Terry is helping me to start him under saddle and he is doing great! He loves his new job, loves people, and continues to transform into a beautiful horse. I plan to train him dressage with Terry, and next year when he is done growing, hunter over fences with Joanne. Watch for him in the ring summer of 2013. I could not be more pleased with the care my horses have received at Red Oak!

Spring 2012 – Nahgwa looking great after 6 months of rehabilitation!





A happy, healthy transformation by the beginning of December 2011!