Red Oak Farm Update

Keeping in mind that nothing has changed with the coronavirus situation, our priority is keeping everyone safe. To that end we want people to stay out of the barns and lounge unless there is an emergency. We would like people to keep their tack and equipment in their trailers if they have that option. Please use the tie racks or your trailers to groom or tack up. We can reposition trailers next to the outdoor riding ring to give more space for people to work out of their trailers if they wish. If you don’t have a trailer, talk to me and we will work something out. We will be putting up a couple new tie racks for use also.

First Level of Easing (two weeks)

• Owners may visit their horses by appointment twice a week.
• Owners may use the round pen to lunge their horses.
• Visit time limited to one hour. • Social distancing required.
• No guests. • Do not come out if you are unwell.

Second Level of Easing (Starts May 17)…based on Indiana continuing to ease stay at home orders and good compliance with First Level of Easing.

• Ride or lunge your horse by appointment twice a week.
• Ride in the outdoor arena or on the trails.
• Visit time limited to an hour and a half.
• Social distancing required, no guests, etc.

Third Level of Easing (Starts May 31)…based on Indiana continuing to ease stay at home orders and good compliance with Levels 1 and 2. Estimate level 3 could start June 1st.

• Riding, lunging, grooming by appointment three times a week.
• Two clients may share the same appointment time.
• Outdoor arena lessons may resume per client and teacher agreement. In house clients only.
• Social distancing, etc.
• Visit time limited to an hour and a half.

Fourth Level of Easing (Starts June 7)
Riding, lunging, grooming can be scheduled online for up to 3 times per week with the option
to schedule additional times if there are time slots open on the online schedule.

The additional slots, beyond your 3 primary slots, must be scheduled no more than 24 hours prior to
the time slot. If a scheduled time slot is rained out then the following options may be considered.

a. If another time slot is open then simply reschedule for the new time slot.

b. If the indoor arena is not being used by Terry then an alternative to rescheduling may be
using the indoor arena while raining. This will need to be considered on a case by case
basis as they occur in consultation with Terry or Joanne.

All prior Level privileges and safety policies continue to apply until further notice.


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